Advantages of a Well-Designed Website

The Internet is here to stay and usage from home, work and on the move by mobile phone is on the increase especially to find out about businesses and buy products. According to the Office for National Statistics, as at May 2014, 44.6 million adults (87%) in the UK had used the Internet, an increase of 1.1 million since 2013; and London had the highest proportion of Internet users (90%). In 2013:

So everyone knows the Internet is good for business but how could you benefit from having a website?

Easier Access to Information

The greatest advantage of having a website is that people have easier access to information about you. Because the Internet is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, your website never closes.

A well-designed website immediately creates a good impression by providing information in an organised and creative way to existing and new customers, generating publicity and profit even when your business is closed. It allows people to find out about you, what you do or sell, and how they can contact you from anywhere and at any time - when it is most convenient for them. Even if your website is just a short description of you or your organisation, it will help people to find you. If you have an email address or enquiry form on your website then people can contact you easily and quickly.

Better Communication and Relationships

People will immediately have a positive image of you if you have a website which quickly allows them to find information about you - services you provide, prices, location, contact details and much more - whatever you want to tell them. This will result in better communication and profitable relationships with them.
A well-designed website is a good employee which:

Lower Cost but More Effective Publicity

No other marketing medium has the geographic reach of a website. A well-designed website is a low cost publicity tool which:

If your business is 'local' you can still sell to a wider market - people visiting your area or willing to travel because they found you on the Internet. Even if you do not want to use your website to sell, you can still let people know nationally and globally who you are and what you do.

A website has significant value in terms of advertising - with website content, you incur no printing, shipping, or postage costs. Once a website is designed (to suit your needs and budget), with a suitable domain name, and good quality webhosting, you are ready to go. It is easier than print-based media to keep up-to-date with no or minimal additional costs.
If you link your website to your online profiles on networks you belong to e.g Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, this is another low cost way to get more of YOU online!

A well-designed website is a trusted employee that does not have holidays and needs very little in the way of wages - the ongoing costs of a website are minimal but the potential return on the small investment could be significant. If you do not have a website, people will not find you and one of your competitors will get your business.

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Caledonian Webs is a new company, run by a small group based in North London. The aim of the company is to provide beautiful, affordable websites for creative people and small businesses. If you want a small website to advertise your services and talents get in touch with one of our team to discuss your requirements.

Areas of expertise

All sites are built using strict xhtml markup and styled with CSS for layout. Photoshop and Fireworks are used for graphics and image production and banners and logos are custom-made and edited to suit your needs. Javascript/JQuery provide image slideshows, dynamic drop-down menus and content sliders to make your pages compact and easy to view. We use PHP and mySQL for e-commerce and Wordpress for content management system (CMS) so you can update content yourself. Our website design service includes organising everything needed to get your business online. This includes a logo, web hosting, domain name and business cards if required. The websites built today also follow HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

Responsive web design

These days all websites need to meet the demands of the modern consumer and web user. There is no telling what your viewers are looking at your website on - ipad, android, wide-screen laptop or bog standard desktop. That is why we at Caledonian Webs are now developing ideas and projects to look good in any format and we take (RWD) responsive Web design seriously.

Validation and site optimisation

All sites are stringently checked and validated using the W3C universal standard.
Comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) including meta-tags and registration with all top search engines are used to give your site maximum exposure.

Pricing structure

Rates are determined per project. We can do small projects for under £500. Email us with details of your project for a free estimate. We can design a site to your specifications, give you ideas and help you consider your options. If you cannot provide copy and images we can also provide these and other services e.g. photography for an additional charge.

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If you need a site for your personal use or small business... you want neat presentation without paying the earth... don't hesitate to get in touch to get a quote!